Endoscope Ear Cleaning


Endoscope device for ear cleaning with camera and wireless connection.

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Cleaning and hygiene without complications

We don't always manage to clean our ears in a safe and effective way. Often, conventional cotton swabs push the wax in further, which can bring us great complications and pain.

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Your clean and healthy ear

With the Ear Cleaning Endoscope, not only do you have the security of not hurting yourself when you need to do your personal hygiene, but you also have a camera that allows you to see the entire ear canal and you can follow the image through your cell phone in a simple and practical way.

Unique Features

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See your ear clearly and accurately with the camera on the tip of the Endoscope.

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Wireless Connection

Connect wirelessly to your phone and see inside your ear in real-time.

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Easy Cleaning

Clean your ears safely and easily using the Ear Cleaning Endoscope with a camera.

Satisfied customers all over the world

Loved the product! The camera is clear and the wireless connection is great. I recommend!

Ellen L.


High-quality and easy-to-use product. The battery lasts a long time.

Lucy W.


The endoscope is useful for cleaning the ear, the only point is that with children it can be a little uncomfortable, because they don't stay still.

Andrea B.


Frequent Questions

The ear cleaning endoscope consists of a camera on the tip and a wireless connection that allows you to see inside your ear in real time. It is easy to use and allows for safe and efficient cleaning of your ears.

Yes, the ear cleaning endoscope is designed to be safe to use. However, it is important to follow the instructions for use to avoid damage to the ear.

Yes, it is easy to connect the endoscope to your phone via wireless connection. Simply follow the instructions provided.


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30 days money back guarantee.

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